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day 26°C
night 15°C
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day 26°C
night 16°C


House order

Last edit: Friday, 01. March 2019.


  1. Sport fishing is allowed by two systems: „Catch and carry“ system and „Catch and release“ system.
    •  „Catch and carry“ system allows fishing with two fishing rods, one hook each. Every additional fishing rod costs 15 kuna. Every catched fish needs to be put in the net, so that it can be charged on the exit by the relevant fish price list. Fishing on this system prohibits releasing the fish back to the pond.
    •  „Catch and release“ system allows fishing with three fishing rods, one hook each. Every additional fishing rod costs 15 kuna. However, if you change your mind and decide to buy the fish, you can buy it by the relevant price list. Catched fish is neccesary to put on the bedding and undamaged return to the pond. Also it is neccesary to use all available equipment so that catched fish would not be damaged.

  2. Every fisherman is obliged to get the pale mark of adequatly color with bought ticket, depending of sport fishing system, and stick to the ground by the place where he is fishing so it's visible to the guard or any other employee.

  3. All fishes that are heavier of 4 kilograms must be returned undamaged to the pond and it's forbidden to put them in the net. If you don't proceed like that, you will pay fine of 300 kuna and weight of the fish by the relevant price list.

  4. Fisherman who damaged fish return to the pond will pay fine of 500 kuna and will be registered for minor charges.

  5. Fishing on the two different places in the same time is forbidden.

  6. Visit of the pond because of the sightseeing, walking and observing is free. Person as company of the fisherman can be children, wife and members of the family and they don't pay tickets. All fishermans and their company must behave decent, shall not make noise or in any other way obstruct other fishermans. Those who will obstruct this rule will be fined with 500 kuna and registered for minor charges.

  7. During the fishing it's allowed to use all kinds of bait and food (except the sour corn) that are appropriate to sport fishing.

  8. Juveniles without parental advise are responsible for themselves.

  9. All fishermans are obliged to put their bags and other equipment put on the overwiev to the guard during the entrance and exit from the pond. In the case of impiety of this rule or detecting hidden fish, consequent you will be fined with 500 kuna, your equipment will be confiscated, registered for minor charges and forbidden to ever come back to this pond.

  10. Economy fishing (with nets, coop, trawl line, etc.) is strictly forbidden.

  11. It is allowed to use remote control boats if they don't disturb in any way to other fishermans.

  12. Manager of sport fishing pond, guards and other employees of Ribnjačarstvo Končanica have the right to control way of fishing, bags, equipment and vehicles in the surrounding of sport fishing pond.

  13. Bringing of the pets to the pond is allowed only on leash, if they don't break order and peace.

  14. Buying of the ticket you are obliged to inform about the Rules and comply with it. Every violatoin of the Rules will be sanctioned.

  15. Bought ticket you are obliged to keep on the visible place, and show it to the employees of the Ribnjačarstvo Končanica on demand.

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