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Fish sale

Last edit: Monday, 23. April 2012.
The main activity of Ribnjačarstvo Končanica d.d. is freshwater fish farming, and main fish farming specie is carp which makes about 80% of the whole production. In the carp production there is mostly mirror carp, while scaled carp makes smaller part. Other fresh water species that are grown here are grass carp, pike, pike perch, tench, catfish, bighead carp, silver carp and crucian carp. In order to expand our assortment of products and make our fish accessible to end consumer, we are preparing space and equipment for the processing and packaging of the fish.

Ponds for fish farming of above mentioned species are located in the rural area with no hard industries and without big pollutants, food for fishes comes from local farmers, river Ilova provides fresh and clean water, and all that along the other factors of production is guarantee of high fish quality. Combining of hundred years tradition, quality, modern technologies, expert employees and cooperation with specialised organisations for fishery, we have created recognisable brand that we can offer you with pleasure through our retail stores and wholesale distribution.