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Last edit: Tuesday, 08. May 2012.
Ribnjačarstvo Končanica is oldest freshwater fish farm in Croatia. Fish production in the ponds by the village Končanica date from feudal times, but there is unknown who built the ponds. It's known that construction of ponds begun in year 1900.on the marshland area. Noble familly Tukory de Algyest was deserving for construction of ponds, and estate where they were built was called Paly and it was positioned on the place today called Majur. Construction of ponds supervised engineer Josip Ivančić. Upon the ponds, this familly has built a castle in year 1904. by the name Marija castle (Dioš). During the years, ponds were expanded to the west, downstream of river Ilova.

Since the first working days of Ribnjačarstvo Končanica there were two brothers Vegh who emigrated from Hungary. Workers from all around Austrian-Hungarian Monarchy were included at construction of mounds for ponds. Mostly that were Hungarians, and rest of it was citizens of Czech Republic, Poland and Germany. Some of the mentioned workers populated neighborhood villages, even established some villages, for example Otkopi. Residents of this village were brought here to transfer knowlege from Czech Republic to Končanica.

Untill the World war II. owners of Ribnjačarstvo Končanica were Hungarians, and fish production was extensive. After the war fish production was modernised because of the experience of employee Vjenceslav Horky. At this moment Ribnjačarstvo Končanica starts with juvenile fish production, so it becamoes independent from other fish farms. At the begining of fish farming fish has spawn natural, and 1968. In Majur was built artificially spawning. It becamed oldest spawning in the ex Yugoslavia, and it was most modern in Europe. That led to first ever written description of herbivores fish spawn at year 1969.

Untill the 1968. C.E.O. of company was mr. Josip Malnar, and after him comes mr. Josip Vojta. Under his leadership, Ribnjačarstvo Končanica becomes most powerful and most modern fish farm in Yugoslavia, with yearly fish production of 1800 tons. At that time, company associate with 9 other companies and creates Ribokombinat with headquarter in Beograd. Through this organisation fish was exported to foreign markets.

At the late 1980.s Ribnjačarstvo Končanica had 120 employees. After the Croatian War of Independence production is falling because of loss of markets. However, in the last few years production of fish in the ponds of Končanica raising, notably because of Vodoprivreda Daruvar d.d. which bought Ribnjačarstvo Končanica and invested for revitalisation of company.